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About the Dev

Hey my name is Brian, born in 83' and from Atlanta, GA.  I am the sole developer of Adventure Portal.  I served in the Army for 5 years starting at age 25, got out and went to school, and now I have a bachelors degree from Full Sail University in game design.  Adventure Portal is the first project I have seen through to a public release.   Everything I am doing here is a first for me -- Steam, the web site, blogs, and social media.  Most of my professional life has been in construction and fabrication but games are a passion.  I am still learning and and enjoy it.

I have been playing pen and paper role playing  games for only a couple years.  AP started out as just a soundboard that I used during our own DnD campaigns; it was just an aid for our group but after a while it evolved into a more and more complete utility.   It eventually became a keystone to our group meetings and I needed a good project to chew on, so the decision was made to make a full application out of it.  So here we are.  

My goal is to make an easy to learn, easy to use, not overly complicated role playing utility that is relatively cheap.  We enjoy using it, and I hope others will too.  I am always looking for feedback.  You can drop me an Email, hit me up on Discord, or on the forums to chat or give me your feedback.


Thanks for the read, and I hope you enjoy Adventure Portal.