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Online Virtual Tabletop

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Adventure Portal


Adventure Portal is a utility that allows players and dungeon masters to connect and play their role playing campaigns together.  The goal with this project was to make a simple interface that allows player and dms to operate their campaigns while minimizing pauses and delays.  Secondly, I aim to keep the program simple and affordable, and to be an alternative to the more complicated and expensive options out there.

Current Features:

  • Player Profiles (character sheet)

  • Dungeon Master Profiles (DM control panel)

  • Game grid / battle map

  • Token System (tokens to represent players and NPCs)

  • Import images from the web (tokens, battlemaps, avatars)

  • Initiative Tracker

  • Dice Roller

  • Measure Tool

  • World Map

  • Dynamic Spell sheet with SRD library

Planned Features:

  • In game voice chat

  • Map lighting (day night simulation)

  • Timer

  • Group handouts

  • Item system

  • Weapon system

  • Auto level-up for 5th edition characters

Feature Walk Through/Guide - ver. a2018.10.18
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