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Game Design

for Brian Prollock

Designing an experience for others is exciting to me and extremely rewarding.  Starting with making deathmatch levels in the 90s, I have always been active in some creative project relating to gaming.  

This is a run down of all the projects I have completed over the years.    

Adventure Portal - 2018

Virtual Tabletop made with Unity3D  |  Released via Steam


Adventure Portal is a solo project I finished and released on Steam in late 2018.  It was the first project I started after graduating from Full Sail University.   It's an online virtual table top aimed for Dungeons & Dragons players.  It was made with Unity 2018 and features a token system, web image importing, player and game master profiles, and various other tools for table top gaming.  I worked on it around 7 months.

I had to learn a lot of new C# techniques and workflows to implement the features.  It was a great learning experience and it became big enough for me to really learn the value of clean, modular code.  My biggest take away with this project was coding a networked game.  Getting a game released on Steam was a close second. 

The games website is here.

Linda Rum Raisin - 2017

2D adventure game made with Unity3D  |  Full Sail University Final Project


Linda Rum Raisin was the final project for a team of six students including myself at Full Sail University.  We were given 3 months to concept, document, design, produce, and release a game with Unity3D.  I am proud to say that our team made a great little game.  I learned so much here and got the opportunity to work with some of the best students in my class.  The game is a 2d adventure of a toy doll (player) that has to find her body parts and travel to find her owner across a backyard full of encounters.  

I was responsible for the player character controller, camera system, parallax system, animation, and world visuals.  My biggest take away with this project was the challenge of utilizing everybody in the team to the fullest with good communication, documentation, and delegation.  

Fort Frag - 2002

Quake 3 Arena Deathmatch level  |  Made with GtkRadiant


Good ole Quake 3 deathmatch.  I had to make one even though deathmatch was something I was doing less and less at the time.  This was the last map I made with the GtkRadiant editor.   I still love the way this map looks.  There was one review I know of here.

Ravenous Moon - Gothic Resurrection - 2000

Quake 2 Deathmatch level   |  Released as part of the Gothic Ressurection map pack by Freshteam


This level was part of a 4 level map pack released by Freshteam back when Quake 2 was going strong.  I was responsible for map 2 - Ravenous Moon.  The pack got a lot of praise and it still looks good today.   This was made with the QERadiant editor.  

Negative Impluse - 1999

Quake 2 Deathmatch level  |  Made with QERadiant


Negative Impulse was the 2nd map I finished and released to the world.  It ended up becoming the finals level in a German gaming league and I was credited for the level balance and trick jumps that I built into the level.

Dark Rendezvous - 1998

Quake 2 Deathmatch level  |  Made with QERadiant and Qoole


This one is the first thing I made for a video game ever.   This took me three months to make with the Qoole and QERadiant editors.  This map got me noticed and invited to Freshteam - a community mapping group.  This one started it all.  

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