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150+ Playtester Keys Sent!

I was only going to give out around 100 keys, but there were so many submissions that I pushed it up to almost 200. Thanks so much for the interest, it only took two days to send out all that I had. If you didn't make the cut off there is a good chance I will do one more round of playtests before I launch on steam. For everybody else, I have added you to the mailing list and I'll keep you up on what I am working on every week or so. Consider Adventure Portal to be about half way through development, and I'm interested to see what you think should be added/changed to make it complete. There are a lot of things that it still needs and I need your help to weight what should come next. You can hang out with me in Discord:

Follow AP on the book of faces:

And then the youtube channel where I will post walkthroughs and video devlogs:


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