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Welcome to the Megaslow Studio and Adventure Portal Site, here you can find ways to follow the development, give feedback, get news and updates, and to see further details about Adventure Portal. 

Site Launch!

It's done! I now have a website to support Adventure Portal as it grows and develops. I am going to try and post an update at least once every two weeks on the progress and state of the game. I will announce changes and updates, beta tests, launch dates, and anything else relevant to the game here on the site.

Beta Testers! Playtesters! Curious Minds! Hit the forum to give feedback, ask questions, or give ideas. I will be there to answer and discuss.

The site might not be 100% complete so bear with me as I finish things up. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop a comment on what you think of the site.


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3 comentários

Very exciting developments. looking forward to trying out your system.


Very nice site brother! Game is going to be revolutionary


Cool site man!

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